For people who are very passionate about cooking, it is a big deal to serve wonderful dishes to your family and friends. Having a small get together event in the backyard or in a garden would be nice for some barbecue, some steak, and some marshmallows as well. And to ensure you have a beautiful backyard be sure to call a great tree service Spokane company like our friends at A-1 Stump Removal.

Having a good time together can be surely fun especially if you can cook for them. The garden on your back yard would be one of the best places for you to cook as you watch them have fun together. Just make sure to have a wonderfully installed place as if it was done by roofing contractors to ensure that even if it rains or shines, your family and friends would still have a good time as you spend a good time together.

So here are some of the best dishes that you can make as you have a small get together celebration with the people who are close to your heart:

1. Barbecue never goes out of style


In every get together celebration that we spend with our family and friends, whether it is in a formal and big celebration, or whether it is in a small and simple get together event, there will always be the presence of a tasty and juicy barbecue which has been marinated for a long time before it is finally grilled. This is almost everybody’s favorite. Barbecue has just never been passé.

2. Hotdogs and marshmallows

hotdog and marshmallows

Along with some barbecue, a combination of some marshmallows and hotdogs would also be great for a small get together event. It would be nice to fill your hunger with some soft and smooth marshmallows that melts in your mouth. It is also a good consideration for kid who get allured easily by some colorful marshmallows.

3. Healthy burger with homemade patty


Who would not love to eat some burgers with some freshly grilled homemade patties? Burgers can be a bit heavy for the stomach, but making a special and healthy burger made out of tuna added with some lettuce and low-fat mayonnaise, cheese, and mustard would be nice for your tummy and for your health as well.

4. Healthy smoothie


Having a healthy smoothie made out of some fresh fruits would be great for the body. It can help your body release the toxins. One of the best fruits that are ideal for blending is a Chinese melon, mango, banana, and an avocado would be nice. Just mix these fruits together with low fat milk, and it would surely give you a wonderful, healthy, and refreshing feeling all night long.

Now you can have a healthy food in a party with your family. It is not only tasty and delicious, but it is also cheap as well. You are hitting a lot of birds in one stone as you can benefit a lot from these kinds of good food. Taking care of your body’s health and your family and friends’ health as well means eating some good food.


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